April showers bring May flowers! May is here and I am ready for it. It’s also time to reflect and acknowledge your progress. Are you satisfied with what you did? How are you feeling about what you did not do? The answers to both are important.

I challenge you to get out of your feelings and ask WHAT DID I LEARN?

Our feeling-lead thinking impedes on our success and creates unnecessary hiccups in the process. It also causes us to forfeit the wisdom we need for the future.

I do not want that to be true for you, so I am sharing my April Light Bulb moments. These are the things that I learned that will influence how I live out the rest of my life.

Love is action. In 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, Paul teaches us love. He uses simple yet powerful statements to define love. In this passage, we learn what love is and what it does. We also learn what it is not and what it does not do. The interesting thing about this is that it does not explicitly state that love requires work. If we are to love and experience love as described in the scripture action is inevitable. We must say and do things that fosters love in this manner. Through our actions people should feel love as it is described by Paul.

God will remind you of His awesomeness.  God has a reputation of being amazingly awesome. He has a track record that will extend into eternity. We have the tendency to forget just how awesome He is. I know this to be true because of how we respond to life’s many challenges. We allow sadness, worry, fear, anxiety and doubt to invade our lives when things do not go as we desire. This is when the love of God shows up to remind us that He is the great I AM. He does things, says things, and shows us things to refresh our spirits. He wants us to remain confident in who He is and what he can do for our good.

Stand on His promises. God is a King. He rules over a kingdom. In His kingdom, His word is law. That simply means that what he declares shall be. In His recorded word, there are thousands of promises that He has declared for those who believe. His word (law) never changes so despite the ups and downs of life we can still receive His promises. We can stand on His word because His word shall stand for evermore. We do not have to succumb to the pressures of life. We stand confidently on what God has said because it will be established in the earth.

I hope you can glean some insight from this summary of my April Light Bulb Moments. May they bring you encouragement, insight, truth and hope.