April is here! Quarter 1 has passed away. Now, behold Quarter 2 has arrived. Time to reflect and acknowledge your progress. Are you satisfied with what you did? How are you feeling about what you didn’t do? The answers to both are important.

I challenge you to get out of your feelings and ask WHAT DID I LEARN?

Our feeling-lead thinking impedes on our success and creates unnecessary hiccups in the process. It also causes us to forfeit the wisdom we need for the future.

I don’t want that to be true for you, so I am sharing my March Light Bulb moments. These are the things that I learned that will influence how I live out the rest of my life.

God’s goodness is not measured by circumstances. People easily declare God’s goodness when all is perceived to be well. It is in time of trouble and discomfort when this declaration is tested. When the world is experiencing sickness and uncertainty, we who believe must know and declare that God’s goodness is not predicated on what we experience. God is good to us in everything. God’s goodness is unchanging. I admonish you to acknowledge and tell others about his goodness.

Wisdom is available to those who ask.  Wisdom is the principle thing. Wisdom brings understanding and instruction. Wisdom protects us. It helps us to discern truth. When we are ignorant to truth, we are in bondage to the enemy. He is the father of lies and lies are contrary to the truth. Jesus’ desire was that we would know the truth. He promises us that the truth will set us free. Ask God for wisdom, so that you may be free from the lies that you have accepted.

You can increase your faith. We all have been given a measure of faith. This measure is increased by hearing the Word of God. A daily dose of God’s truth will add more to your faith. The more you study and mediate on his word the more you will believe in what he has said. When your faith is tested, the promises of his word will cause you to triumph. Turn away from the news and increase your faith. Increase your portion, so that you can testify of the victories you have won by faith.

I hope you can glean some insight from this summary of my March Light Bulb Moments. May they bring you encouragement, truth and hope.