My friend, Tiffany, used to call me “Radio”.  She was convinced that I had a song for everything. If I am going to be totally honest, she was correct. I DID have a song for everything.  We could be engaging in a conversation; she would say something. It would remind me of some lyrics, and I would break out into song and dance. She would laugh; sometimes join in and then we would return to the conversation.

Music makes me ecstatic. It expresses my emotions in words and melodies that I could never articulate. The lyrics are inspiring, uplifting, and sometimes just plain old fun. The rhythm and beat make me wanna dance with somebody, wobble, or lean with it and rock with it. There are other times when a series of chords played on an organ or piano cause me to bow down and worship him, praise him in advance, or sing praises to our King!

Now, I bet you are curious to know what songs are on my playlist. If not, I am going to tell you anyway. Here is a list of songs that I vibe to every day. Many of them I must play 2 or 3 times before I move on to the next one.  And just for fun, I included my favorite line in the song. (Yes, they are playing as I write this blog).

  1. Won’t He Do It- Koryn Hawthorne “You gone look back and be so amazed.”
  2. Enough- Koryn Hawthorne “You define my identity.”
  3. We Livin- Tina Campbell “No competition; have you winning every day.”
  4. Not Luck, I’m Loved- Jonathan McReynolds “Yes, Jesus loves me!”
  5. Could’ve Been Me- Kirk Franklin, J Moss, Tye Tribbet “Without your love, tell me where would I be.”
  6. Unstoppable- Koryn Hawthorne “I can be what I want. Try it if I want. Powered by the King!”
  7. Everlasting God- Bishop William Murphy “I will remain confident in this I will see the goodness of the Lord.”

I invite you to take some time and listen to my playlist. I hope they speak to you in a way that is uplifting, motivating, and rejuvenating. May your spirit be renewed, and your heart encouraged.

I would like to know what’s on your playlist. Share a song or two in the comments. Happy Listening!