My seven-year-old daughter, Kaitlynn, is truly a daddy’s girl. She loves her mom, but she has special kind of love for Kevin. She eagerly greets him by running and jumping into his arms. She rests her round little face on his chest as they exchange kisses and giggles from the tickles.  When the playing is done, she sits on his lap and smiles intently. Kevin interrupts her awkward stare by asking “What do you want little girl?” and without hesitating she begins to talk his ears off.

This interaction reminds me of the type of relationship we share with God our Father. We love Him because he first loved us. He showed his love for us by sending Christ to die for us. It’s because of Jesus’ sacrifice that we can run boldly into the presence of God.

In His presence, we find joy and peace. We find a safe space to express ourselves without shame or guilt. We happily sit with a Father who cares for us. We can cast all our worries, concerns and disappointments on Him. He listens and responds with words of hope. He enjoys being with his daughters.

I encourage you to dedicate time to spend with God. Tap into His greatness, faithfulness and awesomeness. He is readily available to embrace you and fill you to the overflow. Life is better as a result of time spent with Him.

To those of you that are not able to run into the arms of your earthly father, may your heart be comforted and your mind at peace. God is a good, good Father who understands your heartache. Allow Holy Spirit to minister to you and fill your heart with joy. You are loved and never forgotten.