Welcome to March! 2/12 or 1/6 of 2020 is now gone! Time to reflect and acknowledge your progress. Are you satisfied with what you did? How are you feeling about what you didn’t do? The answers to both are important.

I challenge you to get out of your feelings and ask WHAT DID I LEARN?

Our feeling-lead thinking impedes our success and creates unnecessary hiccups in the process. It also causes us to forfeit the wisdom we need for the future.

 I don’t want that to be true for you, so I am sharing my February Light Bulb moments. These are the things that I learned that will influence how I live out the rest of my life.

People want to be successful. This month I engaged in multiple conversations with people about what they want in their lives. The glowing trend is that each one them wants to be successful. They believe there must be more to life than what they are experiencing. The thing that separates them from reaching their desired success is that they don’t know how to get it. Knowing what you want isn’t enough; you must know how to get it. When you know how, do that wholeheartedly!

Consistency builds character.  I will start something with joy and fervor. I will be clear on the goal and commit to the plan. However, when the newness wears off I do too. I put that plan on the shelf and begin planning the next new and exciting thing. The problem with this behavior may appear to be obvious to you, but it hasn’t been to me. I never considered the impact that this behavior has on my character. It teaches people not to trust, depend or believe in me. That’s not the message I want to send. In February, I strengthened my character through consistency. Be consistent and develop trustworthiness, integrity, and self-control.

Rest and Renew. Prioritize taking the rest you need so you can renew. God took a rest after completing 6 days of work. You too must take time to rest after giving yourself to your job, family, business, and community. I often find just being still and taking 3 deep breathes helps me to renew throughout the day. Giving or receiving a hug helps to renew my passion to serve others.  My 9 o’clock bedtime provides me the necessary hours of sleep I need to be my best self the next day. Plan how you will rest and renew. Follow your plan.

I hope you can glean some insight from this summary of my February Light Bulb Moments. May they illuminate some truth for you as you walk out March.