Tonight at 8:00pm on TVONE, the season finale of UNSUNG is all about the well-loved, anointed, and powerful Tasha Cobbs-Leonard. I had the awesome privilege to watch the episode before it airs tonight. In this episode, we get a glimpse into her life of faith and favor. Tasha Cobbs-Leonard’s latest record-breaking album is titled “Heart. Passion. Pursuit.” I’ll use these words to share my insights about tonight’s episode.

Heart. At an early age, Tasha had a heart for God. She was a preacher’s kid. She was raised in church, but sincerely desired God’s presence above just showing up on Sunday mornings. Her focus was on building a relationship with the one who died so that she may live.

Passion. Tasha’s passion for Christ was ignited during a service in which she sang publicly for the first time. She sang the song with her eyes closed. When she opened her eyes, people were weeping in awe of God’s presence. Her mom recalls the memory as being the first time she realized what Tasha was purposed to do. This new found passion for ministering through song catapulted her into her next season.

Pursuit. The transitions of her life intensified her pursuit of Christ. She depended on God’s word and His presence to comfort her during a season depression and the death of “her biggest fan”. The next seasons of Tasha Cobbs-Leonard’s life will continue to reflect her pursuit to bring God glory.

I encourage you all to watch tonight to celebrate the life of Tasha Cobbs-Leonard and the evolution of a ministry that amplifies God’s love, grace, and power.

Click the link to watch tonight’s trailer.