I remember when Donovan was learning to spell his name. I would help him by teaching him in small chunks. I would say “D-o-n-o” and then “v-a-n.” While learning to practice his name, Donovan developed a strategy to help him.  He would spell what he remembered and pause if he didn’t know the next letter. He would then go back to “D” and start again. He did this until he could spell his name correctly without having to start over.

As believers in Christ, we are always learning more about God’s will and his plan for our lives. We are hearing his voice more clearly, discerning right from wrong, being obedient and fulfilling purpose. We are happily moving forward and then situations and circumstances arise that cause us to somehow forget what we know.

When we have more month than we have money, we forget that God has always provided for us. Someone we know is given an unfavorable health report, we forget that God healed a woman who had an issue for twelve years.  In moments of loneliness and heartache, we forget that God has never left us or forsaken us.

It’s in moments like these that we need to do as Donovan did; pause, go back, and start again. We need to remind ourselves of what we know to be true about the God we serve. Go back into the scripture and read how God did just what he said.  Go back to the times when he answered our prayers. When we go back, we regain the confidence necessary to keep moving forward. We gain the strength to triumphant over the enemy. Our faith is renewed.

Remember that God is a very present help. He gives you power to start again. He has begun a great work in you. He will complete it even if you must pause and start again.