Stop and think about your most recent desire. Think about the time, energy and money you spent to get want you wanted.  Your commitment to obtain what you desired was so powerful that you thought about it often. The vision of you with it that played regularly in your mind.

Nothing could stop you!  In the difficult times you cried and doubted, but you kept going. Then it happened; you accomplished your goal. You lost the weight, took the class, wrote the book, started the business and saved the money. You won! You were victorious!

God wants us to do the same with His desires.  God wants us to desire what He wants for us. He wants us to desire it, meditate on it, and do it. He wants us to do greater and win bigger. It’s apparent that we have it in us to do it. The difference is we don’t always pursue God’s desires with the same tenacity.  We tend to prioritize our wants over what God wants.

God desires for us to give Him complete control over our lives. The type of control He desires, isn’t a hostile takeover. It’s a willing submission that we voluntarily give to Him. Our hearts become softened and opened to receive His direction and will.

In Jeremiah 29:11, God tells us that He is always thinking about us and that He has a plan to prosper us. Isn’t amazing to know that the One who has and knows everything has ideas and plans for us. I can’t think of anyone else worthy of a humble submission.

I challenge you today to submit to God’s desires, willingly accept His plan, and trust Him as you walk by faith to do His will.