One of the awesome things about being loved is the opportunity to share love with others. God loved us and commands that we love one another. Love is a powerful action that brings out the best in all of us. The bible speaks about the rewards of being loved, giving love, and receiving love. Love is a choice that we make.

As a wife, I have chosen to love my husband. There are intentional things that I do that communicate my love for him. Early in our marriage, we read The 5 Love Languages, written by Dr. David Chapman. In this book we discovered that we each have a love language. This language is our preferred way to receive love.

I must admit there have been times that I have not spoken his language. I have attempted to love him through my love language. I have also lacked consistency with showing love and affection.  Glory be to God; I NOW communicate love in a language that he understands. I have improved the quality of my communication. I am more consistent, and his love bank is full.

I want to keep this momentum going. I have recently downloaded the LoveNudge app. This app serves as a self-monitoring mobile accountability partner.  I use the app to set weekly goals and monitor my progress towards achieving them. I also receive a daily app alert to make my daily deposit into his love bank.

My commitment to speaking a love language he understands is creating a marriage that is enjoyable for both of us. I am learning that the more I speak his language the greater his desire is to speak mine. This makes loving each other more intimate and pleasurable.

If you would like to experience love in this way, I challenge you to download the LoveNudge App @

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