Relationships are formed through consistent communication and fellowship. The time we spend with the people closest to us creates space for us to get to know more about them. You may have known someone for many years but the more time you spend with them the more you learn. Conversations allow people to share their thoughts, feelings, and opinions. It’s through these interactions that we learn more about their character, beliefs, and needs.

God desires for us to know him just as intimately as we know our loved ones. He longs to share himself with us every day. His plan for salvation was because he wanted reconciliation between us and Him. Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross made knowing God possible. There is more that God wants us to know. Things that he can only reveal through consistent communication and fellowship with him.

Jesus stayed in harmony with God’s will through prayer. Scripture records numerous accounts of Jesus praying. He even paused to teach the disciples how to pray. God values prayer so much that Jesus is now seated on the right hand of God praying for us. Ain’t that something? [Intended Language]

Prayer is often perceived as ineffective and mundane; just one more thing. The truth is PRAYER IS THE THING! Prayer is the connection we have to God Almighty. It is the open line of communication that allows us to speak directly to the creator of heaven and earth. Prayer allows us to tell God all about it, ask questions, get answers and direction.  As we fellowship with God, through prayer, we learn more and more about his character, his will, and his love towards us.

Be intentional about praying to God each day. Praying daily produces an unimaginable harvest of goodness in your life and the lives of those you love. Your relationship with God will become more intimate and you will know him better.

To hear more about prayer, I invite you to watch this video.